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Sorry, Marvel and X-Men.. I just can’t help it. Apocalypse looks like a purple Buzz Lightyear. hahaha..(don’t worry I am indeed an X-Men, Marvel and DC fan). Maybe it is just me and my imagination but still.. he looks like Buzz! With the exception of the wings and stuff. These are just the things I noticed yesterday when I watched the movie with my friends. First: The part where Apocalypse is going to transfer and user Xavier’s body.. you know, the part inside the tomb? Yes! That part! There was this statue of Apocalypse sitting down like a King or God and while the camera was panning down I said, “Huh?! Is that Buzz?!” Of course, I laughed at  myself.. well, internally.. else the man sitting beside might think that I’m going nuts laughing on a scene where there’s nothing to laugh at. Second:  was it pure coincidence or just because it is one of Apocalypse’ power that he can make one get stuck inside a stone or wall? Why? The movie featured Empire Strikes back then at the later pa
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So..It's Valentines Day

...and so, Happy Valentines Day! Another year, another lonely though not so sad Valentines Day for me. Weird, eh? Lonely yet not a sad valentines.  Lonely -- Well, I think it's kind of obvious. Yeah! No lovelife! hahaha..sigh.. when will I meet that specially someone that will make my heart skip a beat and my knees melt. Happy/Fun --  Yearly, our company celebrates valentines day for all employees; there's food, film showing and games. Everyone has their "Child Mode" ON every time we have an event. Everybody participates, there are no hard feelings -- just healthy competition.  To sum up my day, it was tiring, well, because I'm still working -- troubleshoot here and there, but then the day was worth it because it was F-U-N. ugh. I just remembered, it was the Friday 13th yesterday!! Oh! I even bought a cake for the family..teehee

Another mind battle

I just read from one of the Scanlation site I followed that they need an Editor/Cleaner either temp or long-term. I really want to apply but I am afraid that I will not be able to meet their standards, not the ability to edit or do Photoshop but the deadline.. ugh.. I am so bound to my work today that I can't even do a single editing.  I am thinking of joining so I can distract myself from the stress at work, you know something like an output where I can have a breather or any activity that will separate me from my work -- this is aside from sleeping, gunpla and reading. But it seems that the time and my work load wont permit me. I need to go over this once more. sigh. I really want to join them!

Procrastination at its best — or should I say that I am just being lazy

Oh yeah! The title says it AALLLL. Going on a 'hiatus' is not for me nor the word 'busy' is not on my vocabulary. This is all because of my procrastination. Whenever I feel obligated to write something or share something on my blog(well, i have multiple of them hahaha)I will say to myself 'nah! i can do that tomorrow' or 'I can post thru my mobile when something comes up' then I will forget everything and the process will repeat itself hahahaha Well, I think i'm just too lazy to update my blog or I cannot write anything 'coz nothing comes up in my little mind lol Yeah, I think 'being lazy' the right phrase instead of 'procrastinating'. 

am i doomed to be single..forever?!

nowadays, i just can't help but think "am i destined to be single forever?", 'cause it feels like no wants to be "that" person for me. i feel like this not because my friends already have someone or married and already have a family of their own, also not because im turning 28 this year..well, maybe a little.. ;) i just want to be loved, be happy and don't want to be lonely anymore!!..of course not the family or friendly love kind of know what i mean. someone who will take care of you, cuddle, be with through ups and downs, say 'i love u'..stuff like that. maybe being fat is one -- that is what i thought at first. or maybe i am too ugly -- of course i know i am not. am i too workaholic -- yeah right!(sarcastically). i..ugh..i don't know..did i do somethibg wrong?(saying this feels like i am too selfish. i am prettyvawate that i am not the only person with this kind of worry)..i know some will tell me that i am just overthinking t

a bookish bookworm bookcollector

I know that I'm a book collector and not a bookworm, I have known this eversince. Now, it seems like I'm turning into the latter, it is a good thing though. But...but..I'm getting hooked into reading erotica!!! (this is all because of Mr. Grey!mygod!) Before, I usually delve into the realm of our magestic universe and the very much colorful and mystical story of the gods and goddesses of the greeks. The books are sucking me in like a quick sand and I think this time it'll be hard for me to get out. Hahahaha